Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day weekend so far.

So far we have had a good weekend, We finished cleaning the house, it was left really dirty so I had to clean even the walls and doors. We went to the pound yesterday and adopted a puppy. He is a heeler mix and is a solid blonde color. Who knew adopting a puppy at the pound would cost $150.00. Then we went to walmart to get all the puppy stuff we need. A crate, food, bowls, treats, leash ect. We decided that the crate could be better used as a babysitter, we could save thousands a year if we didn't have a daycare expense.

Just kidding of course but it did make for some cute picutres.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blogging Virgin....

Well I am popping my cherry, this is my first blog ever. I wanted to have a place where our families could keep up on what is going on with us and see recent pictures of Joey.

He's growing so quick, it's hard to keep up. He's 7 and a half months and is cutting his 3rd and 4th teeth. He is almost crawling but alot of times gets mad that he doesn't move as fast as he thinks he should be moving and gives up. He also started pulling himself up on things, my baby is going to be running before I know it. We recently started him slowly on table foods. He plays more than he eats but he was getting bored with jarred food and wouldn't eat.

Joe just put in for a new position with his company installing new software and training other employees on the software. It would mean alot of travel for him but the company would provide him with everything he would need and Joey and I could go with him places if we wanted to.

I am still truckin along at my job. There are days that I want to quit, I don't like some of the inner workings of the company, and other days that I love my job. I like what I do I just wish I didn't have to deal with all the pissed off customers. I am considering going to school for medical coding. I could work from home doing that if I wanted to, or work in a hospital where there is more room for advancement than the place I am now.

We also just got a job with the church. We are now the lock up security custodians. The job came with a house. We actually have a house now! It's great, 4 bedroom, 2 bath. We now have a yard that Joey can play in when he gets bigger. We no longer have to climb the stupid stairs to get to our apartment anymore. We are enjoying redecorating and have a long list of stuff we want to do to fix up the house a bit.

Well that's about all that is new with us. Come back often to see what is up with our family!