Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just another day.

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. There just hasn't been much going on. We bought tickets last week to go visit the inlaws in Septemer. 2 full weeks of New England fall. I'm excited. I'm making Joe take me into Boston, and we are going on a Duck Tour and to the Sam Adams Brewery. We are also going to have a birthday party for Joey while we are there. I'm excited to see everyone again. I love Joe's family. I've told him before that if we ever split up that I'm keeping his family and he can have mine.
Joey is slowly starting to sleep through the night. A few weeks ago we started just giving him his paci or a small bottle of water in his crib when he woke up in the middle of the night and now theres more nights he doesn't wake up then he does. The only problem is, he thinks that 5:30am is his time to get up for the day. We lay him in bed between us and try to catch a few more minutes of sleep inbetween him talking and hitting us. He's getting so big now. He is pulling himself up on anything he can. And he crawls everywhere. This weekend we are probably going to get a baby gate so we can keep him out of the back of the house. He likes to go back there and munch on cat food.
This weekend we are going to the Cherry Festival in High Rolls. It's a fun time. We just walk around all the booths, buy a bag of cherries and enjoy the coolness of a higher elevation. It will be a nice change from the 3 digit temps we have been blessed with.
That's all that's been going on with us recently.


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